In a consortium led by authentic. network, three German start-ups have come together to make efficient solar panels ‚intelligent‘ by attaching a sticker – an innovative symbiosis unique worldwide.

FREMONT, CA: A sticker sports a green tick to turn a solar panel into a smart module. A digital system twin is encoded in the sticker, delivering personalised value-added services via the customer’s smartphone, all without complicated registration and login procedures. The Chemnitz-based start-up technology makes this possible. Together with two other start-ups, Torwell and Syscore, and operating under the aegis of Q-Hub Innovation Incubator, authentic. network takes over the development of smart technology, offering tangible added value to homeowners with solar installations and service companies. […]

“We create a digital twin of the solar panel in which the access data is stored,” explains Frank Theeg, Co- CEO of technology start-up “The smartphone app with the green tick is the key by means of which the customer controls the panel via the digital twin. The app offers additional services around the solar panel, including a solar calculator, a smart search function to help end customers find an installer and an engineer access feature.”