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Medication Sale at Roxy Market in Abidjan


The technology of authentic works. It works so well that we would like to convince you of that too. Take a look at the video and let us convince you and infe...

authentic.network introduction

"May I introduce authentic.network? A start-up from Chemnitz, which wants to make the world a bit better. How do you ask? It's simple. Take a look at it."

Stop counterfeit medication with your Smartphone

authentic.Technology can save thousands of lifes in Africa. See how it can happen.

Copy-proof shoes enabled by authentic

Counterfeit shoes no longer exist, thanks to authentic.Technology How does it work? Just take a look.


Simple tickets and blockchain. How it works and what it brings? Check it out.

Invisible Cryptoprint

Copy-proof printing technology from authentic. How? Check it out.

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