Videos in den ivorischen News, 13.11.2021

Abidjan, 13. November 2021 – Der ivorische TV Sender NCI News berichtet über die smarte authentic Blockchain Technologie.

Frank Theeg – entrepreneurs can solve global problems, 28.10.2021

Medication Sale at Roxy Market in Abidjan


The technology of authentic works. It works so well that we would like to convince you of that too. Take a look at the video and let us convince you and infe... introduction

"May I introduce A start-up from Chemnitz, which wants to make the world a bit better. How do you ask? It's simple. Take a look at it."

MDR um 4: Original oder Fälschung: Chemnitzer Erfindung soll’s zeigen

Business meets Africa

Frank Heinrich, 10.03.2020

Frank Heinrich, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the initiative "Business meets Africa" about More from 00:01:03.

RTI – Ivorian television

RTI - Ivorian television, 02.03.2020

The Ivorian television will report about us from 00:13:17 on.

Stop counterfeit medication with your Smartphone

authentic.Technology can save thousands of lifes in Africa. See how it can happen.

Copy-proof shoes enabled by authentic

Counterfeit shoes no longer exist, thanks to authentic.Technology How does it work? Just take a look.


Simple tickets and blockchain. How it works and what it brings? Check it out.

Invisible Cryptoprint

Copy-proof printing technology from authentic. How? Check it out.

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